I miss my dad


I was watching this programme called ‘Millie Inbetween’ on CBBC (yes, I watch some children’s programmes, don’t judge me) Anyway it’s about a family where the parents have split up and both have new partners. I was watching an episode which I found painfully relatable coming from a family where the parents have split up, my dad has a new partner and child whom he lives with while its just My mum, myself and my sister living together.

Anyway, in this episode Millie enters a spelling competition because she wants to make both her parents proud. However, she finds out that her half sister is also entering, this upsets Millie as now her dad will not only be at the competition for her but also for her half sister.

“I just wanted my dad to myself for once” Millie says and it was one of the times where I felt that a fictional character truly relates to me as I have thought things like this many times since my half brother was born when I was about ten because, obviously, as a baby a lot of attention and time had to paid to him and even now as he is 8 years old he still has more time with my dad than I do, his own daughter.

I mean nowadays I see my dad on my own terms but it’s not that often (maybe every two, three weeks) not because I don’t get along with him but because I’ve had so much going on with college and stuff that it hasn’t been easy to find the time to see him. I often think it would be easier if he stayed with us then he could really know about my life and be there for me when I need him.

I know many of you reading this can probably relate in some way and I hope by reading this post, you feel understood and perhaps, less alone.

That’s all from me today,





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