Forgiving the unforgivable?

After watching the documentary “The girl who forgave the Nazis” I’m left feeling very conflicted. After doing some in-depth research into the holocaust for a play I performed in last year I was very sure that I resented the Nazis and would never forgive them for their atrocities.

Yet Eva Kor, a survivor of Auschwitz and one of Josef Mengele’s victims chose to forgive them. As you probably know this caused a lot of controversy many of her fellow survivors disagreed with her decision to forgive the Nazis and understandably so after all they’d lost and suffered at their hands.

“This world needs something stronger than punishment”

-Eva Kor

Perhaps Eva is right when she says this, in our world we spend so much time wanting to punish those that have done us wrong that we forget how to live and perhaps living out our lives as positively as possible is a form of punishment for those who wanted to ruin our lives because, well, they’re not getting what they want.

However I’m not a survivor of the holocaust I only know as much as I know about it from secondary research. So I believe it is not my place to decide whether or not the Nazis should be forgiven and the choice to do so is personal to each of the survivors. I do, however, hope that all surviving Nazis are brought to Justice.

That’s all from me today





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