Book or Movie first?

I had a conversation with a librarian the other day about whether its better to read the book before watching the movie or not. I was returning a book that I hadn’t finished because, well, I hadn’t really enjoyed it. I had, however, seen the movie version of it which I really loved, in fact it’s one of my favourite movies.

Which leads me on to my topic. Is it better to read the book first and then watch the movie? or is it better the other way around?

I personally have a habit of watching the movie first and then reading the book. For example I watched all the Harry Potter movies before buying the book series. While I am enjoying the books, I’m finding the series difficult to get through. Perhaps it is because of the fact that I watched the movies first, which kind of took away the chance of being surprised by the main happenings in the book that I’d already seen in the movie.

On the other hand if I had read the books first perhaps I would have been disappointed with the movies because they cut out some of the best bits of the book (e.g. Peeves the poltergeist)

Maybe It’s best to pick just one or the other and not both. The book or the movie. Now as a bit of a bookworm and movie lover that’s a hard decision to make for me so I’ll probably still go for both XD

Anyway that’s all from me today.





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