College Survival Guide: Prepare for…

brace-yourselves-college-is-comingHowdy everyone 😀 this is the second part of my college survival guide blog series (the first being Making Friends)

In this part I’m going to talk about the three main things you need to prepare yourselves for when you get to college.

As you probably know college is very different from high school and the three main differences you might not be ready for (I know I wasn’t ) so, let’s begin.

Number one: Extra work

You may have fewer subjects in college than you did in high school but that doesn’t mean the work is any easier or any less. In fact It’s expected of me to do 3-4 hours work outside of lesson time for each of my three subjects and the work isn’t always set by the teacher but you still need to do extra work to stay on top of things with your subjects.

I suggest that you use some time in your free periods to do work, this may seem unfair since they are called ‘free’ periods but it will give you more time to relax and do whatever you want to do in the evenings. Also if you are struggling with an assignment, its best to talk to your subject teacher since you can’t learn what you don’t understand.


Number two: More responsibility

In high school you had detentions if you didn’t do your homework or you bunked a lesson,In college you don’t (Yay!) and your teachers aren’t constantly telling you what to do, you don’t have to do the work if you don’t want to (Yay!) but if you don’t do your work and you don’t attend your lessons without good reason you’ll probably get kicked out (Oh…)

Yep that’s how it goes, at college you’re expected to be able to take responsibility for doing your work and getting yourself to lesson, your teachers are not going to waste their time on you if you clearly aren’t willing to work. So my advice is be prepared to work or be prepared to leave.

Number three: Revision starts early

Its best to start revising for your exams at the beginning of the year, even though your proper exams may not be until May or June, mocks will be held throughout the year and these are not “just mock exams” they are tests to see how well you are doing in your subject, to see if you need any extra help. Mock exams are taken seriously at college, I remember failing one of my mock exams last year and my teacher sent a concern letter to my mum and extra support time for that subject was arranged for me (not fun).

Also over the year the work can really pile up, especially if you take more than one subject, this will mean that you’re constantly busy cramming in loads of revision a month or so before the exams (believe me that is stressful as stress can get) So my advice is to start revising in September, even if it just means spending 10 minutes reading over your notes, it will help.


Anyway, I hope this information will be of some use to you, that’s all from me today.












College Survival Guide: Making Friends

As part of my Journalism course I have to create a leaflet giving advice to first year college students on things to do with college. I thought I may as well blog the information as well so, here it goes, Part one: Making friends.


Since there is a chance not all of your high school friends will be attending the same college as you, you’ll probably want to make some new ones. Consider making friends with some of the people in your classes, you already have the subject/s you’ve chosen in common so you can discuss the work and, perhaps, work together on some assignments.

There are probably many clubs you can join in your college where you can meet people with similar interests to you. I’ve met some of my current closest friends in a club outside of my lessons.

The best thing to do when making friends is to be nice, smile at people you make eye contact with (not by staring at them, of course) I often start conversations with people in my class by asking them how they are doing with the work and how they are doing in their other subjects, It shows you care and that you are a nice person.

Be aware that some friendships may not last very long. I had a friend in my biology class whom I spent some of my breaks with but then she quit the subject and, although we did keep talking for a while, by the end of the first term we weren’t talking anymore but that’s okay, sometimes friendships don’t work out for various reasons, you just have to keep interacting with people to see who you’re better friends with.

One last thing, sometimes friendships can take a while to build up, I met two of my current closest friends last year and we barely spoke at first but over time our friendship developed and now, like I said, they are two of my closest friends. So just be patient 🙂

I hope this was helpful, that’s all from me today.










I miss my dad


I was watching this programme called ‘Millie Inbetween’ on CBBC (yes, I watch some children’s programmes, don’t judge me) Anyway it’s about a family where the parents have split up and both have new partners. I was watching an episode which I found painfully relatable coming from a family where the parents have split up, my dad has a new partner and child whom he lives with while its just My mum, myself and my sister living together.

Anyway, in this episode Millie enters a spelling competition because she wants to make both her parents proud. However, she finds out that her half sister is also entering, this upsets Millie as now her dad will not only be at the competition for her but also for her half sister.

“I just wanted my dad to myself for once” Millie says and it was one of the times where I felt that a fictional character truly relates to me as I have thought things like this many times since my half brother was born when I was about ten because, obviously, as a baby a lot of attention and time had to paid to him and even now as he is 8 years old he still has more time with my dad than I do, his own daughter.

I mean nowadays I see my dad on my own terms but it’s not that often (maybe every two, three weeks) not because I don’t get along with him but because I’ve had so much going on with college and stuff that it hasn’t been easy to find the time to see him. I often think it would be easier if he stayed with us then he could really know about my life and be there for me when I need him.

I know many of you reading this can probably relate in some way and I hope by reading this post, you feel understood and perhaps, less alone.

That’s all from me today,




Forgiving the unforgivable?

After watching the documentary “The girl who forgave the Nazis” I’m left feeling very conflicted. After doing some in-depth research into the holocaust for a play I performed in last year I was very sure that I resented the Nazis and would never forgive them for their atrocities.

Yet Eva Kor, a survivor of Auschwitz and one of Josef Mengele’s victims chose to forgive them. As you probably know this caused a lot of controversy many of her fellow survivors disagreed with her decision to forgive the Nazis and understandably so after all they’d lost and suffered at their hands.

“This world needs something stronger than punishment”

-Eva Kor

Perhaps Eva is right when she says this, in our world we spend so much time wanting to punish those that have done us wrong that we forget how to live and perhaps living out our lives as positively as possible is a form of punishment for those who wanted to ruin our lives because, well, they’re not getting what they want.

However I’m not a survivor of the holocaust I only know as much as I know about it from secondary research. So I believe it is not my place to decide whether or not the Nazis should be forgiven and the choice to do so is personal to each of the survivors. I do, however, hope that all surviving Nazis are brought to Justice.

That’s all from me today




Book or Movie first?

I had a conversation with a librarian the other day about whether its better to read the book before watching the movie or not. I was returning a book that I hadn’t finished because, well, I hadn’t really enjoyed it. I had, however, seen the movie version of it which I really loved, in fact it’s one of my favourite movies.

Which leads me on to my topic. Is it better to read the book first and then watch the movie? or is it better the other way around?

I personally have a habit of watching the movie first and then reading the book. For example I watched all the Harry Potter movies before buying the book series. While I am enjoying the books, I’m finding the series difficult to get through. Perhaps it is because of the fact that I watched the movies first, which kind of took away the chance of being surprised by the main happenings in the book that I’d already seen in the movie.

On the other hand if I had read the books first perhaps I would have been disappointed with the movies because they cut out some of the best bits of the book (e.g. Peeves the poltergeist)

Maybe It’s best to pick just one or the other and not both. The book or the movie. Now as a bit of a bookworm and movie lover that’s a hard decision to make for me so I’ll probably still go for both XD

Anyway that’s all from me today.